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The fastest and most affordable way to renovate your bathroom
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At re:cover, we've got you covered with our one-of-a-kind furniture and space renovation service. Our eco-friendly and modern solution allows you to transform any space swiftly, affordably, and with top-notch quality. With our wide range of interior films, including trendy textures like wood, metal, concrete, and marble, we can revamp your bathroom countertops, cabinets, doors, walls, wall panels, tiles, and so much more. No challenge is too big for us - we can refresh everything you desire.
how does it work
Task assessment
We learn more about the task and provide preliminary estimate. Later our specialists visit your space, assess surface conditions, and suggest fixes for imperfections
Project design
We tailor a design proposal with film options, providing a mock visualization of the final look
Defect elimination
Our team swiftly eliminates surface defects, ensuring a flawless result
Seamless installation
Using a knife, spatula, and industrial dryer, our film is installed quickly and cleanly
re:cover advantages
  • Fast & cost-effective

    We offer the quickest and most affordable solution to completely transform your bathroom into a new space. With our unparalleled services, you can completely revamp your bath, giving it a brand new look

  • Approved by most buildings
    Our film is specially designed to protect your furniture without causing any damage. With this innovative solution, you can confidently renovate your space, even if you're living in a rented home
  • Exclusive film collection
    Transform your cabinets with a wide selection of textures like wood, concrete, and even metal. For a distinctive touch, explore our collection of stone, elegant marble, or wood for tiles and countertops
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what we can renovate?
The possibilities are endless, we can update any surface with a modern, stylish and flawless finish
When it comes to pasting, we take the extra step to evaluate the condition of your cabinets. If they require any restoration, rest assured that we will repair them before applying our top-quality film. This meticulous process ensures that your cabinets will not only look impeccable but also as good as new
Tiles and wall panels in outdated shades can spoil the whole impression of the space, and replacing tiles is one of the most expensive repair services. But the good news is that our film is waterproof and great for wet areas. You will only have to choose how your bathroom will look like: marble or natural stone?
Our innovative waterproof films offer unparalleled versatility, making them suitable for a diverse range of surfaces, including those exposed to water. With a re:cover countertop, experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and water protection, ensuring a unique and flawless appearance
Our revolutionary re:cover technology offers unmatched versatility in updating any smooth surface. Whether your bathroom requires repairs on a door or wall, we have the solution for you. Trust us to deliver exceptional results
discover our films collection
discover our films collection
In our collection you can find the most modern finishes: wood, stone, marble, metal, fabric - nothing is impossible for us
discover our portfolio
by re:cover
by re:cover
what our clients say about us
Dominique Grandjonc
Director NOVOTEL Convention & Wellness Roissy CDG
During the partial renovation of our Novotel in Roissy, France, we decided to use Cover Styl' to redo our Lounge and Spa. The solution/product itself is amazing by the quality of the result. The big potential of this covering product is astounding, especially since the installation support was not simple flat surfaces. I strongly recommend using Cover Styl' for hotels, especially with its incontestable price/performance ratio. I'm convinced that word of mouth will make Cover Styl' the best refurbishment solution in the future.
Jean-Baptiste Bourcie
Technical & safety director - Redisson Blu Toulouse
I have discovered this product that I didn't know: Cover Styl"!
We all have « a priori », me first, regarding this kind of renovation. Nevertheless I was able to discover a solution which solved many of our faced issues. Following the 200 rooms renovation of our hotel Radisson Blu, I appreciated the following advantages: a price 2 to 5 times less expensive than a classic renovation, saving time thanks to speed of application and easy to place, which is not always obvious with other trades. Finally the textures and the range color let me think that there is no limit.
Daddato Giuseppe
Best Western
I have several business Hotels in Luxembourg. We all know the times come where a change is needed in order to adapt with time.
Why I decided for the product Cover Styl'? There are actually several reasons: Fast, Economic and Ecologic. And most important, I did not have to close the activity of my business! We have many business clients during the week and they truly need their sleep so the cherry on top was the clean, non-disturbing installation period! With a traditional renovation this would had been clearly impossible to meet all my expectations!
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